My SS20 collection titled Not All Fun & Games began with the search for an intersection between fashion and game design. The first piece in the collection was the red and black checkered coat I created during my junior tailoring class at RISD. The goal of the coat was to create a wearable garment which could also function as a playable board game. While patching the red wool onto the black, I inserted magnets into every square on the back of the jacket. I then magnetized oversized checker pieces, resulting in an interactive checker coat. As I worked to grow the collection, I transitioned my focus to dice, cards, play money, and other iconic elements of board game and casino culture. I used materials such as deconstructed fuzzy dice, twister boards, and standard game dice combined with found vintage and deadstock fabric. For the finale dress, I designed a digital print sponsored by Spoonflower featuring an illustration of my face printed on game money.
Not All Fun & Games debuted at Styleweek Northeast in Providence, RI on September 21, 2019.
Runway photos from Styleweek Northeast.
Backstage photos from Styleweek Northeast.
Editorial photos by Steve Warren. Creative directed by Kiara Simmons. Styled by Brandon Foster.
Editorial photos by Sarah Mazer.
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