My first solo exhibition, Dear Diary, it’s Zoe <3, included a selection of physical and digital garments, object accumulations, process documentation, and nostalgic images and objects on display in NYC from November 18-20th, 2022. The show was curated by Danielle Paterson and done in collaboration with Genies to celebrate the launch of my first digital fashion collection for avatars on their app Silver Studio.
The interactive components of the physical exhibition included a life size doll box photo booth with graphics designed by Leah Marchant and a dress designed by me that was completed in collaboration with participants from the gallery space. Dear Diary, it’s Zoe <3 shared my progression into art and fashion from childhood, through my time at RISD, and into the current era of my physical brand & digital collaboration with Genies.

Dear Diary, it's Zoe <3 Digital Fashion Collection.

Participants decorating the interactive dress.

Photos from Dear Diary, it's Zoe <3 Exhibition Opening.
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