In August of 2022, I spent three weeks in Los Angeles learning all things avatar and Web3 at the Genies HQ as one of 12 members of their first ever DIY Collective. Genies is an avatar tools company that gives humans the opportunity to reimagine their identity in their own avatar ecosystem in order to express themselves more authentically in the digital world. Creators like myself and the other members of the DIY Collective are able to design capsule collections for users to dress their avatars in on the new Silver Studio app!
In November of 2022, I released my first digital fashion collection for avatars with Genies inspired by my custom hair clip print from my Living Dolls collection. Users can style, mix & match, and DIY each piece in an infinite number of ways in theĀ Silver Studio app!

Inspiration board for the collection.

Finished rendering of the garments on Genies Avatar.

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